The Paris Agreement of 2015 is a remarkable example of collective leadership. No one individual, institution or country can claim to have singlehandedly created the Paris Agreement. Rather, over several years, thousands of individuals and organizations came together to contribute to the moment where 195 countries unanimously adopted the text.

This project is about telling those stories.

We believe this is important, mainly because this is not the last time the world will have to reach an agreement on a complex issue.

The world in the 21st Century is more interconnected and more interdependent than ever before. Given the pressures facing us, from climate change to forced migration, from land degradation to food and water scarcity, it is clear that our fate as individuals and as a civilisation is based upon our ability to find common solutions. None of these challenges is beyond our collective ingenuity to solve.

The coming decades will present us with many moments in which collaboration and agreement will be needed to find shared solutions. It is our hope that this growing collection of narratives, by shedding light on how this was done before, can help inspire and inform future attempts to precipitate further breakthroughs, for the benefit of us all.


Richard Kinley (Curator, Profiles of Paris),

Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac (Founding Partners, Global Optimism)


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